Achieve Your Goals with The One Thing


For personal and professional achievements, setting goals is the first step in realizing a path to accomplish what you want in life. The best way to measure goals is by using by SMART goal setting formula to help you keep track and work towards your goals. The main issue with this formula is it does not share how to breakdown your big goals into smaller and more attainable goals, so you can work on the one thing that will help propel you to the next step.

As with most goal setting, I have been taught to breakdown my big goal into smaller goals until I have 10 goals left that I need to do to get on the path of achieving my goals. I have found that even with breaking down my goals into 10 smaller goals, I still find myself experiencing analysis paralysis and freeze because of the overwhelming tasks of working on these 10 small goals at a time. In addition to these 10 small goals for my business, I am told I need to focus on additional 6 others areas of my life to create my ultimate individual wellness. These 7 major areas are  – spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual/mental, social, environmental, financial = your individual wellness.

There must be an easier way to find work/life flow balance that allows me to achieve my goals in all areas of my life. I found my answer in the book The One Thing by Gary w. Keller and Jay Papsan.

The One Thing by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan

After reading The One Thing by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan, I found a very helpful tool to make my life and business goals easier to achieve. The One Thing is about focusing on one thing at a time, the most important thing that relates to your professional goals. The One Thing philosophy can be applied to that one thing your business makes the most money from and it can also be applied to the one thing you need to do to get to the next stage of your goal. By staying hyper focused and in tune with yourself for what it is you want in life and business, goal setting and achieving becomes easier and much less stressful.

This book introduces and teaches a different way of thinking that improves professional success, happiness, and the best balance one can achieve. The One Thing is a way of improving balance in your life as you focus on the one thing to get to you the next in each area of your life. There are guidelines to follow to help you learn how to utilize this idea to benefit and improve your life. The one thing I took away from this book is – “in a world of achievement everything doesn’t matter equally.”


Everything Doesn’t Matter Equally

I remember being taught that to be happy, you must obtain balance in all areas of your life, all at the same time or least that is what I thought and felt. When I read this book I was awakened to the idea that  - “equality is a lie when it comes to business”.

As I continued reading The One Thing I learned:

  • "To go big one must start small"

  • "Going small is recognizing that not all things matter equally and finding the things that matter most"

  • "Extraordinary results are directly determined by how narrow I can make my focus"

  • "Extraordinary results are about creating a domino effect in my life"

  • "Extraordinary results are sequential not simultaneous, built over time"

  • "What is my business’s one thing, what is the most important thing"

  • "The one thing shows up time and again in the lives of the successful because it is a fundamental truth"

For goal setting to be the most effective, we must realize what is the most important step to get me to move to the next phase of achieving the goal. Big goals are an amazing starting to determine what it is you want to achieve in life using The One Thing’s tools will help you break down those 10 small goals into the one next step. 

 Multi-Tasking Will Not Help Me Achieve My One Thing

Another thought provoking truth I was introduced to was the fact that “multitasking was used to describe computers, not humans”.  According to the OED, the first citation of the word is from 1966, in a magazine called Datamation. “Multi-tasking is defined as the use of a single CPU for the simultaneous processing of two or more jobs.”

Realizing this fact, I started to rethink my idea that excellent multi-tasking is the best way to achieving my goals. I grew up with the idea that being able to multi-task was a desirable skill to have as an employee, even as a person. I remember bragging about my ability to multi-task. After reading The One Thing, I stopped bragging about this because I realized being focused on a task is the best to achieve my goals. Keller and Papasan write:

  • "High multitaskers are suckers for irrelevancy"

  • "We feel the need to do too many things in the time we have"

  • "A Buddhists calls this a “monkey mind”

  • "Depending on what kinds of tasks we are switching between, it can take us 25% or less or simple tasks and up to 100% or more for complicated tasks"

  • "Can do 2 things at once, but can not focus effectively on 2 things at once"

  • "Focus occurs in the pre-frontal cortex"

  • "Multitasking slows us down and makes us slower witted"

These are just some of the thought provoking ideas that help transform your mind into becoming more focused. Before reading this book, I would feel paralyzed by analysis paralysis because I felt I needed to do everything at once. After reading this book I began to practice the philosophy and ideas in the book, which helped me narrow down and focus on the most important goals in my business. Naturally this philosophy integrated into all areas of my life. With this tool, I am able to focus and determine what the next step is for that particular area of my business and life, which has helped me become more fulfilled, purposeful, and happy.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants an easier why to achieve goals and find their one thing that will propel them to their next achievement. Click the link below to purchase your copy of The One Thing today.